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PREVIOUSLY ON… | Louis discovered that Mike doesn’t have a file at Harvard; Rachel made a deal with Jessica, allowing her to stay at the firm; and Harvey told Scottie he wants her in his life.

COMING UP NEXT | What Louis didn’t find will “bore a hole in [his] crazy mind,” previews executive producer Aaron Korsh. “As Louis pursues what is going on with Mike,” his investigation will have “ramifications on many different people.” In the season opener, Rachel and Mike take a step forward in their relationship, while Harvey and Jessica deal with the fact that he didn’t get her OK before offering Scottie a job. As a result, they’ll be forced to “figure out how are they going to run this firm together” when they disagree, Korsh explains, adding that their resolution “will have an impact on what their power structure is moving forward.” For Harvey, there’s no taking back his offer of his heart to Scottie, either. For the first time in his life, the lawyer will be “navigating… what it means to be in a relationship, and he’s going to make some mistakes. And he’s going to have to learn from them,” says Korsh.


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Hi all! Just a quick update for yall that USA Network just announced that the second season of Suits will premiere on June 14th on USA Network!

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Hi everyone! Here’s an reminder that Patrick’s first episode of “Luck” will air tonight on HBO! Be sure to watch it and expect captures from the episode next week! :)

Episode Synopsis
Jerry pursues a deal to buy the horse that Renzo lost to Mulligan while also talking to Escalante about training it. Meanwhile, Walter mulls a change in jockeys after Gettin’ Up Morning’s first race ends badly and Ace gives a young whiz kid the opportunity of a lifetime.

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Hello! Today I have added captures from episode 1.06 of Suits titled Tricks of the Trade! Be sure to check them out! :)

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- Home > Suits > Season One > Episode Screencaptures > 1.06 – Tricks of the Trade

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Yesterday Patrick attended the L.A. Premiere of “LUCK” which is a new HBO series! Patrick will play the role of Nathan Israel in episode 1.03, 1.04 and 1.07! Be sure to check the pictures from the premiere and you can check out the official site for more information about the show here!

Gallery Links:
- Home > Public Appearances > 2012 Public Appearances > January 25: HBO’s “LUCK” Los Angeles Premiere

Two episode stills from Patrick’s guest appearance on ABC Family’s hit show Pretty Little Liars have been added to the gallery!

Gallery Links:
- > Television Productions > Guest Appearances > 2010: Pretty Little Liars > Episode Stills

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